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Whapaxx Creative Affiliate Program


This Agreement does not create an exclusive relationship between you and us. You are free to work with similar affiliate program providers in any category. This agreement imposes no restrictions on us to work with any individual or company we may choose.

After your acceptance in the Affiliate Program, you must ensure your account is set up thoroughly, including specific payout information (such as a bank or online account which we may use to post payment).

We will provide you with a specific link or links which correspond to certain products we are offering for sale. The link will be keyed to your identity and will send online users to our website. We may modify the specific link or links and will notify you if we do so.

Processing and fulfillment of orders will be our responsibility. We will also provide real-time data regarding your account with us through the portal on which you log into the website.


5.5% commission on successful bookings through your unique affiliate link only. Successful bookings are interpreted as persons who have booked through your unique affiliate link and have received one of our services.

Commissons will not be calculated on cancelled bookings.

Payments will be made quarterly from the commencement date of this agreement. Alternatively, you can request a payout once your balance reaches $100 (one hundred Barbados dollars).

If you have read and are in agreement with the above terms, please fill the form below.

Will be used for setting up your account